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About Us

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The mission of Sketchbook Studio is to help individuals see, feel, think and express their own personal talent. The studio is designed to suit the interests of any individual interested in taking art classes in:

Meg nurtures the social and artistic interactions of her students ensuring each session with a relaxed artistic flare, which leads to a great experience. Art is a natural form of communication and it’s sometimes easier to express feeling visually rather than verbally. The Arts are also an excellent discipline to build and utilize critical thinking skills.

Often when viewing art we don’t give credit to the conceptual and interpretational thinking that goes into the creation of a piece of art on all skill levels. Sketchbook Studio specializes in working with children and adults with unique challenges and all programs are fully inclusive. Sketchbook Studio provides lots of fun and creative energy always remembering Arts are for All.

About The Director

Long Island Art Class

Meg Healy is the owner and program director of Sketchbook Studio located on the South Shore of Long Island in Patchogue. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Long Island University CW Post and a Master’s of Fine Arts from City University of New York, Brooklyn College (CUNY). When she wasn’t doing her own work she taught in a private New York City high school for students with special needs and an after school program sponsored by the City of New York.

Meg realized she enjoyed sharing her love of the arts with all students in an inclusive classroom. She decided to pursue her dream of opening her own studio and returned home to the South Shore. As a teaching artist Meg continues to effectively spark student’s interests motivating them to reach their full potential while stimulating their creative interests and personal growth.

Guiding each person with an innate understanding of the world through “their eyes” Ms. Healy nurtures the social and artistic interactions of her students during each session with a relaxed artistic flare, which leads to a great experience.

Artist Statement

My own art work goes against conventional thinking that suggests that each element should be used separately from each other. The most exciting aspect for me in my art work is combining various techniques to create one unified piece of artwork.

The Nature of Art

Shall I paint the mountain as I see it, and so become an imitator? Or shall I relax and close my eyes, listen to its dignity, its unfathomable mystery- and when I relax enough to be aware of the bigness beyond myself, paint the mountain as I know it?